A pastor friend of mine recently posted a video to his Facebook feed that was so powerful I got his permission to transcribe it to post here for you to read. Please read and be challenged and encouraged.


Hey everybody! This is Trevor L. Smith and once again I want to share something I believe will be a total source of encouragement for some of you.

Perhaps you have in your heart a desire to pursue a new venture, or to go after a dream, or to accomplish something. Maybe you really want to do something with your life and you haven’t because of challenges and obstacles. I really believe this will be a word for you to get a hold of and will help you start to take a step in that direction.

Truthfully I should have been making these videos for the past four years, but I haven’t been – though I am doing them now. Four years ago I did do my first one. It was called Character and Compromise and then I stopped.

The reason: I was afraid of the camera. I just could not deal with it because it was too far outside my comfort zone. But I was also afraid what others would think or say about me as I pursued this venture.

When you have it in your heart to do something, it is in your heart to do. Which means you putting yourself out there. It does not mean pretending to be something you’re not or someone you’re not.

You are putting yourself out there to be criticized, critiqued, dissected, talked about, and judged. And so I reached the point where I just shelved it all for the past four years, that is, until God recently got my attention.

He spoke to my heart as I was in the Word. He said, ‘Trevor Lamar Smith!’ He straight up went middle name on me and everything. He didn’t tell me anything that was a new revelation. Instead He reinforced something I already knew. Something you already know.

He said, ‘Trevor Lamar Smith! People are going to talk about you no matter what you do. They are going to talk about you no matter what you say.’ He said if you stand still, people are going to talk about you. And if you start moving toward your destiny people are going to talk about you. And if you fail, people are going to talk about you. But if you succeed — they are still going to talk about you.

Since He was correcting me He said, ‘How dare you let something that you can’t control, something that you can’t change, something that is inevitable
Stop you from doing what I put in your heart to do.’

So He took me in the Word to 1 Samuel chapter 1 where it talks about the birth of Samuel. Here you have this woman who was trying desperately for years to have children but she couldn’t. And then you have this other lady popping out babies left and right, she was a baby mill. And having all these children she would tease, year after year, the one who could not have kids.

At one point the woman who couldn’t have kids ended up in the temple and she was praying, the Bible says, ‘…with bitterness of soul she wept much and she prayed.’

Meanwhile, Eli the priest was in the temple at the same time and he was watching her. Now keep in mind, why was he watching her? Because that’s what people do. They watch people and they talk about them.

So he’s watching her. Because she was praying with her lips moving but no words coming out he mistook what she was doing. He went over and rebuked her saying, ‘Woman put away your wine, you’re a drunk.’

Here she is doing something, the Bible says she was pouring out her soul to the Lord. She is doing something she believes she was supposed to do. And this person saw her in a completely different light.

And God said to me, you know how much time you spend trying to convince other people in your life you are supposed to pursue the dream in your heart?

If I have a dream in my heart it is not my job to convince you of that dream. It is my job to pursue what is in my heart to pursue.

And so we have these people in all kinds of roles and relationships, whether it’s a brother, a sister, a mom, a dad, a friend, a boyfriend, a spouse, or a priest, who may not see the vision we have in our heart.

Keep in mind there are seven billion people on the planet and I’m the only one wired the way that I am. So is it really that much of a surprise God would give me something, or give you something, that others may not be able to understand?

And yet we spend so much time allowing ourselves to be hindered or even completely not moving forward in the things of God that we re supposed to be doing, simply because someone else doesn’t get it.

I want to encourage you! Don’t worry about what people are going to say because they are going to say it. Don’t worry about what people don’t understand, because some of them just won’t.

It’s great when we have support of people in our corner. It’s great when people can see the vision. But guess what, when they can’t we just need to be sure of who we are and where we are going.

So I want to encourage you. Go forward in what you feel and believe is in your heart to accomplish.

I’m in your corner!